Misconception 1: Some people can not be successful because of the background, education, and others.

In fact, each person can achieve success. This is just how they want it, then do something to achieve.

Misconception 2: Those who succeed do not make mistakes.

In fact, the success that it is an error, as we all had to do. However, they do not mistake it for the second time.

Misconception 3: To be successful, we must work more than 60 hours (70,80,90 ...) a week.

The problem lies not in the length you work. But what you can do

something right.

Misconception 4: You can only be successful when playing with the rules.

In fact, who make the rules? Each situation requires a different way. Sometimes we must follow the rules, but the other you are making the rules.

Misconception 5: If you always ask for help, you do not succeed.

In fact, success rarely happens in the time vacuum cleaner. Thus, with respect and acknowledge the assistance of others can help you success. And, indeed there are many such people.

Misconception 6: Required a lot of luck to succeed.

In fact, only needed a little luck. However, it required a lot of hard work, ingenuity, knowledge, and implementation.

Misconception 7: Success is when you get a lot of money.

In fact, money is only one of many benefits provided by the success. Money is not guarantee you success.

Misconception 8: Success is when all people confess.

In fact, you may be able to reach more people and other people's recognition of what you do. However, even if you only know that yourself, you remain a success.

Misconception 9: Success is the goal.

In fact, more than just a success you can achieve your objectives and goals. Say that you want to success, then ask questions "What's up?"

Misconception 10: I am successful when my trouble ended.

In fact, you may be successful, but you are not God. You still have to go through the streets up and down as your natural-in the past. Just enjoy what you achieve and live each day as is.

(Adapted from "The Top 10 Misconceptions About Success", Jim M. Allen. www.CoachJim.com).




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Multi-level marketing is an alternative route for companies to distribute products and services to market (the other distribution channels including supermarkets, retail shops, door to door sales and others)

Why choose MLM companies to distribute their products?
There are several reasons:
  1. A low overhead cost. Unlike the retail business, MLM companies do not need to allocate funds in the great advertising to attract customers. Instead, the funds transferred to a commission for the distributor to market the product to the customer. In addition, the company only needs to provide for the distributor a commission based on the results, the percentage of products sold.
  2. Distribution of overhead costs low. Typical distribution through a series of regional retail uses, countries, cities, and local retailers to distribute their goods. Each other need to take advantage and do mark up the price of goods.

Channel distribution non MLM: manufacturer -> transporter -> wholesaler -> retailers -> Advertisers -> customers

Channel distribution MLM: manufacturer -> representative -> customer

  1. Growth rate is high. MLM company that is set to be developed with both the growth rate 20%, 50%, even 100% per month.

  2. Sales and marketing team is motivated. There are so many products flooding the market. Required a large marketing budget to be able to obtain a place at the customer. In addition, many products that require a detailed explanation than can be done in a TV ad for 30 seconds.

For individuals, MLM can provide the opportunity to have a source of additional revenue if accompanied by hard work, can be a source of significant revenue.

How do I do?

MLM is about "a lot of people do each part of the few." In MLM, you not only get a commission from your sales directly but also indirectly. You also get a commission from the sales of people you bring to the company and also from the results of the earlier people take, and also from the sale of the last people who take him ...

Obtain results with the percentage of people, your earnings can grow to very big results.

If you get 5 people who develop serious business and each have sales $ 100 per person with a 5% commission, your earnings are as follows:

Level - #people - $volume - $bonuses

  1. 5 - 500 - 25
  2. 25 - 2500 - 125
  3. 125 - 12500 - 625
  4. 625 - 62500 - 3125
  5. 3125 - 312500 - 15625
  6. 15625 - 1562500 - 78125
  7. 78125 - 7812500 - 390625

So, if each person can get 5 people, you can get $ 500,000 per month. WOW, let's all work and become rich!

But whoa. Not simply that ....

Requires time and effort to build a MLM company in the group. You also can not work alone. You can not recruit 90,000 people alone. Each person must find the top 5 business and not all people want to work for a 5 man.

Can be spelled rarely have people that will be ideal to build a group like this. Several feet in the structure of the downline will grow faster than the other. Some feet will grow more slowly. If you do not work, you will never start one leg that will grow as you want.

That is the concept. Many people do a small part of it and you get a part of every person. If you have initiative and work ethics to build a group, you can get enough income that it can even become rich.

Underlined the need to MLM is not a quick way to become rich. WORKING required hard and most people do not want to do the things necessary. Most people will never become rich, only a few are be successful . However, as long as you choose the right company with the products and services that are good, the level of your success depends entirely on you.

What MLM is a fraud, illegal, not moral?

This is the biggest part of the argumentation, Does not agree and accusations that are not based on MLM. Not a few thought that MLM is unethical and not moral. However the law, MLM is considered legal, does not violate moral rules.

MLM is not actually from there can be good or bad as people looked normal business system. Regular business (corporate world) is able to run well and can run with it. MLM is also the case. I have run well and have also run with the bad. So good and bad depending on how the MLM company designed and executed by the management team and a team of field marketers.

Must have also recognized MLM company that is not more than just fraud, a quick way to become rich owners and a handful colleagues. Some of them try to avoid manipulation of the law and the law. There are also companies that have a MLM product do legal and have been working in the business for several years but the one run, so that more people are becoming victims. For example, elderly people who invested pension money to purchase goods that meet the warranty and so on. Many people would agree that this company, at least, you run the distributor practices are not responsible, is not ethical.

In fact there are many companies that run with a valid, legal, and ethical. Those companies have products of good, useful for the customers and provide many opportunities to improve financial condition.

The Anti MLM often said that MLM companies and distributors not only sell the fantasy realistic about the potential revenue that could be the prospect, in fact I only fatten earnings upline. This view is understandable but could ignore one important thing that everyone has the same opportunity to build their own group or team as well as that upline. The Upline is working hard, perhaps for years, to build a downline that is now giving the results for the upline. New people may have only invest a few hundred dollars and several hours per course. Everyone starts from the same place, the Basic, and everyone has the

opportunity to build a same that downline own.

Saturation Theory

The only exception may be the theory of saturation. In this case, the company has developed so many people's active distributors who are interested to recruit new people, have to join (this does not mean that all people have been recruited). New people will be more difficult to find new prospects, compared with upline who has done so several years ago. This new person has several options, that is: to join the already well-established companies that have approached although saturated, choose a company that does not have a saturation problem, or give up.

Nevertheless, the new people who joined the company a well-established, have many tools and support system than the old who joined the company in the long. May also have more products, more literature, and others. Although older people who have joined over a large market, they also have limited facilities. So there are advantages and disadvantages for the people who joined first and join later.

In fact, saturation is rarely a problem. There are very few cases where the market is completely saturated so. May be more difficult to find new people in a large company, but NO company in the history of MLM is growing very rapidly so that the potential market. More and more people are entering the age of 18 years in this world than the number of people who join MLM companies to all who have. Until this far, the growth of MLM can not rival the human population growth.

Thus, the MLM can be a legitimate, moral, but MLM can also run the unethical and not legal.

Is it wrong to recruit than to sell products?

This is the general opinion about MLM. On the one hand, the opinion is correct. If the main goal behind the MLM is to recruit people, that is if the money paid to join time, is the only source of payment bonuses, then, of course, the MLM is not true.

They are the Anti MLM, argued that the main purpose of MLM is to recruit new people, not to sell goods. They do not understand is the Register NEW PEOPLE IS HOW you sell PRODUCT IN MLM. In addition, you can still earn even if only a retailer of products and services sold.

If you focus only on sales, this is not MLM, selling only regular way. MLM work based on the process that is different from regular sales. Not find some people to sell in large volume at once, you'll find many people and each sell in the volume a bit (because each person in the number of small, personal use by distributors each accounted for an important role of the total sales volume). Recruit new people and building a downline is how you find people who each take part in the sales process. (Note: ANY men's contribution to total sales. NOT ONLY people who join later. Contribute to your upline individually until only a few tens of dollars). Products move from company to customer or distributor. That is the source of income from MLM is true. Only distribute it in different ways.

MLM work in different ways with the ordinary, although different, it does not make it illegal or unscrupulous or wrong. Only just a different way. As with any franchise is different from the usual retail (franchise once regarded as a form of fraud). Franchise is not a fraud, only one form of business. Refer to the same analogy, MLM is different from the usual retail and franchising, but can be effective in the form of doing business

The difference with MLM pyramid

  1. MLM products have the correct product that will be purchased by customers and even those who choose not to join a MLM company is.
  2. The high cost of registration. Pyramid usually has a high cost of registration bonus to become a major source for the upline. MLM has the legal registration of a low cost (around $ 50) for the starter kit, manual book.
  3. Promises that earnings do not make sense. Get $ 50,000 in revenue within 90 days or chain letter is a good example. MLM is true that you will build based on the earnings of hard work and dedication.

If the company has products and services that are good and the bonus comes from the purchase of products and services (whether it is from repeat purchases or sales to a new customer) you can be sure that this is not a pyramid, but no actual wrong with this CONCEPT OF pyramid. The form of this pyramid, if used properly and in the proper proportion is a form of good.

Pyramid structure is the oldest and most solid in human history.

Every company, school, church, mosque, government, using all forms of hierarchy that has been called throughout the period and through the term 'pyramid structure'. Let's see an example structure of the company's normal:

  • At the top level there is 1 Director
  • At the next level is the Deputy Director or Director of the other
  • At the next level there are few Division Manager
  • At the next level there are more Manager
  • At the next level there are more Assistant Manager / SPV level in
  • Next there is a lot of staff, regular employees.

At the top of this structure are a few people as the owner and group executive. At the bottom there are many people with the least income. Sounds familiar? Determine the amount of income a person is the person itself. No one gets salary increase greater than the boss itself. However, if the deputy director or manager earn more than the main director, what will happen? Confusion, vagueness.

This is closely related with the control structure of which is called systematic. Only through productivity, effort, and dedication of many people who will strengthen the company and a series of products and services, but someone must be the outs. What you imagine inverted pyramid in which there are many people in the top-level command to give a few people at the bottom, and compete for the authority of their own? If there are cases like this if there will be enough money to be distributed as income? Of course not. There is no logic in this argument.

All the people start from the bottom of the pyramid structure of MLM, but provides the same opportunity to grow as well as a Boss in a normal business. This is a fact in the case of income through MLM, and MLM is one of the best structure that can be found in the corporate world.

Are MLM and Network Marketing is the same?

Most people will say that both of them together. MLM is the term used before and seems to have negative connotations in the minds of people. Network Marketing is chosen by some people to counteract the negative. Some companies consider network marketing is a special form of MLM that is join the network roduksi goods / services with the network marketing (the distributor).

How so you can succeed in MLM?

  1. Believe the business of your choice
  2. Trust to the products and services
  3. Working with diligently 
  4. Working consistently
  5. Do not give up

Each company is different and what works for one company may not be used in other companies. You have to learn from your upline. Ask what can be used and must be done so successfully. Ask for assistance and guidance to them, they are interested in your success and wish you success.

Nevertheless, the principles of essentially the same in all companies. Do things that have to do every distributor, marketing, distribution of goods, services, and find other people to do the same. Teach them to do what you have to do.

Duplication is the key to success in MLM. You may not recruit all over the world or sell things to all people. You only need to find some people who want to build a business, and help them do so. More importantly, teach them to do what a distributor should be doing and find out some people and partner ajari the new. Before you teach your team, to teach what you teach to their downline, you will not duplicate yourself. This is not only duplicate but you redouble your own. How come you have to teach from the heart because this is a business that emphasizes relationships with people.

MLM can be called an individual franchise, but you certainly are natural different with me. Because it could be you think that you can not duplicate yourself to other people. Actually that is required for duplication of work together to achieve the same goal which is to succeed in MLM.

Sometimes people become suspicious why your business is a helper to be very helpful in this business prospects. You may be asked why you should join with. Honest answer is the financial motive that we want a downline for success, because success is our downline, we also become a success. Income derived from sales through product consumption, but the actual residual income-earned income without doing any small percentage comes from the use of a consistent product. Here is how to teach the importance of the things that are important in this business, be a leader and mentor to be very important because the income from passive income can exceed direct sales you make. On the other hand, the prospects must understand and realize the meaning of 'use' energy and time from many people and 'used' by the other at the same time.

So we engaged in this business. MLM is designed for the enterpreuneur. Unless you have a talent or skill is good, will need enough time to build your team. Takes time to find the right person and teach what needs to be known. Sometimes the best you'll give up and drop out. Sometimes we feel depressed, stress, and want to give up. If your company does not run well, you may need to rewind. But if the company is running well and other people successfully, you need to see and evaluate how you run a business. You may not be successful in other places, although it seems more green grass of the neighboring home page because you do the wrong.

The fact that can not be denied is only a small percentage of people who are involved in MLM will succeed big. However this was not the fault of the MLM. This reflects the fact in the real world. 90% of small businesses will fail in the 1 to 5 years and the owners lost a lot of money compared to a few hundred dollars from the MLM distributor invest.

98% of the employees of the company will never reach the executive level. In the U.S., 95% of retirees aged 65 years, if not dead, certainly go bankrupt. The reality is, very few people who work with exceptional results in any business or any business. The simple, most people do not want and will not do the things necessary to succeed.

MLM is not different in this case. Nevertheless, it is required to duplicate the success is an agreement to start. Unfortunately, most people in the field of MLM to the presumption that this is the easy way to become rich.

MLM is not a quick way to become rich. MLM requires work, time, dedication. But most people do not realize it, either because the sponsor provides “ad”, misleading about rich quickly or because they choose to hear the easy story. People like this to join and do nothing, or try it out but immediately surrendered after several hours. This is the biggest cause of failure in any MLM.

Perhaps the biggest problem of MLM is too easy for people to join (with just hundreds of thousands or millions of rupiah) is also so easy for people to drop out. With only invest hundreds of thousands of rupiah, it is very easy for people to say, "Ah, I have spoken with 4 people and no one interested. Business is not the way, ooh I have hundreds of thousands of misspent money "Or worse again:" MLM is a business and unscrupulous indirection".

You should treat your MLM business as if this is your real business. Business in which you have invested much money and your savings. If you have already invested tens or hundreds of millions in your business, whether you will let the 4 people who say no to you, cause you give up? Of course not. You must exit and continue to work until you make it work, because you already invested lots of money into it. You can not simply give up. That's what makes MLM work for you. Dedication to continue to work your MLM truly work.

If you work with a consistent and effective, and build your business faster than those who drop out, your group will consistently grow. And if you teach your downline the correct way to work consistently, effectively, and teach them to duplicate and multiply your business, you will see a consistent growth. May take longer than you want (not all in this life according to your desire), but as long as you continue to work, your income will grow to the level you want. Stay and pay a price when you will see the benefits.

That is the actual problem. Most people do not do this. Most people who go to the MLM and is only trying to be surrendered when a few people said "no" and then scold the way that MLM does not. Only those who have committed to work and do what is necessary to succeed, it will appear to the top and succeed.

How do you identify a good MLM company?

Some things to note are:

  1. A good product. Is this something that many people will buy? Whether the product meets the real needs? Is the price competitive and you can benefit dg sell? Is even more important is "I just do not buy goods because only good but also because of its potential"
  2. The company stable and financially strong. You certainly do not want the team that you have the form so it is not useful because of company problems. How long has this company operates? How financial condition. Experience and reputation of the team management.
  3. Support a good company. Is there any training materials, training, and such?
  4. Support from the upline. How support from your sponsor. How do you level of success. Ask also uplinenya. If they do not have success, they can not teach you how to achieve success, and of course you would not find the success of the system to zero.

Things that should be avoided:

  1. Cumulation of goods in the warehouse. If your sponsor is trying to 'force' you to buy hundreds of thousands or millions of rupiah to meet your warehouse, leaving flee.
  2. Claim to be rich quickly without working and the others are all the instructions outlined. Determines the largest of course is your own. YOU who will decide whether to work or not. YOUR the ones who need to stay motivated and continue to engage into business despite difficult terrain. If you do not enthusiastic about the company, product, and also given the opportunity, you probably will not survive long enough to succeed. But if you're enthusiastic with the company, the opportunity, your team (and not just the excitement "I will become rich"), you will stand up to the stage success.


  1. MLM or network marketing business is a different form than the usual business. Discover and Learn the MLM business model.
  2. In principle, MLM is not ugly, or both, which distinguishes this is how business is run by the company, operating system, and distributors.
  3. MLM is not a quick way to become rich. Like the other business, MLM requires special education, skill, money, effort, time, commitment and consistency as well as perpetrators.
  4. To succeed, you must have a mental illness, knowledge, capital, and life as a businessman
  5. Among the factors determine success in your MLM business, the most important factor is you, not the company, not the upline, not kompensation plan.

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